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Sentimental Rose Kit

I haven’t really paid much attention to the kits Stampin’ Up! offer but this one caught my eye. If you are new to card making or like to have a little more of the preparation done for you then a kit is a great idea.

The kit contains everything you need to make 9 small cards and a decorated clear box to put them in. When I say everything, I do mean everything, you get a stampin’ spot in Gray Granite, adhesive, an acrylic block and a stamp set as well as cards, envelopes, toppers and embellishments.

There are step by step instructions to make the cards pictured but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist on them and mix things up a bit.

Don’t forget when you are done making the kit you will still have a stamp set, an acrylic block and a Stampin’ Spot to use.

To create the six cards that differ from the kit samples, I have added three extra ink colours, white and two colours of cardstock and some ribbon.

Other than stamping and assembling, a little fussy cutting with a good pair of snips is all that is required to create the cards.

The cards are all different but similar enough to look like a set, the kit or indeed the box of cards already made would make a wonderful gift.

I now have a cute collection of nine different cards with envelopes in a little gift box and a great stamp set to add to my collection.

I’ve just picked out one kit here, there are several others and more to come. All great value at £18 and a good place to start if you want to build up your craft stash without spending lots in one go.

Below are product links to the Stamping Kits currently available and also details of the additional items I have used.

Thanks for looking,

Katie x




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